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A CRM system used to manage sales, marketing, and the work of customer support departments.

Sell and buy

Create a website and launch an online store

Keep warehouse and accounting records

Monitor production and project execution

Odoo is a management system for all company resources. Odoo provides opportunities for sales administration, reporting, accounting, as well as personnel management, production, distribution, logistics and other processes. It is designed to improve the efficiency of all processes. All this is combined in a single environment of the O doo system, which provides full access to the management of leading business processes, which simplifies mutual assistance between branches and allows monitoring of marketing performance.

Flexible system
The platform is absolutely flexible and can be adjusted to any business processes, taking into account all the customer's requirements.

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Ready solution
It has all the necessary and ready-made solutions. This allows you to use them in work without the slightest delay.

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The main areas of the Odoo management system are: personnel management, marketing, project management, finance and accounting, logistics, production, warehouse and website. And that's not all of Odoo's capabilities.

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